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At the beginning of the lunar new month, update the progress of Tung Tau School. The school site was built very on schedule and planned. The group continues to receive donations from benefactors so that the school is completed, spacious and complete. Photos of the day of digging the foundation on 20th February, 2023.
The photos carry a lot of love from the contributors.


Thus, the construction of Tung Tau – Yen Minh – Ha Giang is now complete. Lovely school with 24 blocks and a covered playground and full outdoor playground on a 617m2 lot. The main building size is 150m2, and there are 2 classrooms, 1 toilet, 1 kitchen, 1 teacher’s room, 1 storeroom, and 1 water tank.
The cost of presents, playgrounds, and school supplies totals little under 150 million VND, with a building budget of more over 600 million VND. This school location has the appearance of a dream institution-brilliant, abundant, and filled with love. The Nhan Ai organization has received a lot of gifts and support, both material and monetary, to accomplish this.
Thank you to the:
– Sao Bien Education Fund (Austria).
– NDTC Charity Fund (belonging to NDTC companies in Vietnam).
– Viet Bay Charity Bun Oc (USA).
– Youth Union of High Command of Guard Police (belonging to Ministry of Public Security).
– The youth union of Binh Duong Department of Planning and Investment.
– V.T.E.A.M Design Consultancy Joint Stock Company.
– A group of 10A Sentia students and nearly 50 benefactors joined hands to get this beautiful school site.
Particularly, students from the F1 group of Nhan Ai and friends attend this school. Children from many different neighborhoods in Hanoi, the United States of America, and France took part in the survey to select the entire school building and organized fundraising initiatives, including selling snail noodles (bún ốc) (F1 USA), clothes (F1 France), autumn paper scrap collection, and selling items at school music events (F1 Sentia). They collaborate to create all of the school’s murals.
The ceremony was attended by Mr. Hans Peter Glanzer – the ambassador of the Republic of Austria to Vietnam, Mr. Tung Cuong – the head of the Nhan Ai group and chairman of the NDTC Foundation, as well as participants from the groups, local officials, residents of Lao and Chai communes, teachers, and students. Tung Tau is the group’s sixth school in the province of Ha Giang.
We also held additional events during the inauguration ceremony to distribute gifts and supplies to 60 pupils at the school location, 10 children who are living in really difficult conditions, 10 low-income households, and 100 boxes of instant noodles and candy for the kids and students.
The ceremony’s most significant element is the handprinting of the words “CAY CHUNG TAY NHAN AI” by the volunteer participants, the local community, and the school as a meaningful activity to demonstrate their unity and agreement on shared objectives. They also build new homes and schools to share some of the challenges faced by the local here. With any luck, this present will enable the youngsters in Tung Tau to learn, have fun, expand their knowledge, and realize their dreams.
An account of the process of building Tung Tau school is provided here:
05th January, 2023
Construction of the TUNG TAU football field and elementary school (Yen Minh-Ha Giang) will begin in the new year of 2023.
Today, the Nhan Ai Group, Sao Bien Education Fund (Austria), NDTC Charity Fund and Ministry of Public Security groups officially held a small kick-off ceremony for the first school site of 2023, Tung Tau school, Ha Giang.
P/S: The school has officially started construction and laid the first bricks, just days after Nhan Ai Group was still measuring, surveying, and meeting plans.
5pm 1st June, 2023
Under the 40 degree heat, Tung Tau Kindergarten’s location feels like a refreshing breeze.
All supplies, teaching aids, and gifts for the students and teachers were gathered by the entire union.
Getting ready for the ideal tomorrow (2 June).
2nd June, 2023
Two thirds of the work was finished this afternoon. The classrooms were warm and vibrant with murals as the sun slowly sank.
The old tires have been repainted to plant trees
The board has been installed
Refrigerator has been put in the kitchen

The TV has been hung on the wall
The kitchen has taken shape
The tree has been planted…

And so much love
June 3, 2023
The sixth school in Nhan Ai was completed and opened. The school in the heart of the mountains is as lovely as a dream, said the Lao and Chai commune secretaries, who talked with tremendous emotion.
We want to thank you again on behalf of the entire crew. Let’s get ready for the upcoming school.